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Southern Americana

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1 Blodgett & Rullman Advertising Inc. Lexington: Reflections of the Bluegrass Heartland.
Lexington, KY: Mare's Tail Publishing Co., [1989]. First Edition, As Stated. 
Quarto, navy blue leatherette (hardcover), 144 pp. Fine, in a Near-Fine dust jacket with slight edgewear. Pictorial history of Lexington, Kentucky. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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2 Carpenter, Jesse T., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Political Science, New York University. The South as a Conscious Minority, 1789-1861.
New York City: The New York University Press, 1930. First Edition. 
Octavo, blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, x + 315 pp. Very Good, with former-owner signatures and very slight rubbing to edges. From Preface: This is a study in the political thought of the Old South as a conscious minority seeking protection in the American Union from the political power of a Northern majority during the years 1789-1861. Only after considerable research did the thesis evolve into its present chapter headings, representing the major sources of Southern reliance for political protection throughout the Ante-Bellum Period. Further study disclosed a marked coincidence between sources of Southern protection and definite chronological data, so that the present work undertakes to treat the chief phases of Southern political thought in the order of the historical sequence. It is this analysis of a minority philosophy traced through its successive epochs of development that represents the possible contribution of this volume to the field of American political theory. 
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3 Clark, Joshua; Editor. French Quarter Fiction: The Newest Stories of America's Oldest Bohemia. An Anthology of the Best Works by Living Writers on the Heart of New Orleans.
New Orleans: Light of New Orleans Publishing, LLC, 2003. Stated First Edition. 
Octavo, softbound (stiff, glossy, full-color illus. wrappers), cover flaps, uncut, 381 pp. Fine (As New). 
Price: 7.50 USD
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4 Clark, Thomas D. Travels in the Old South, a Bibliography. Volume One, The Formative Years, 1527-1783: From the Spanish Explorations through the American Revolution. Volume Two: The Expanding South, 1750-1825: The Ohio Valley and the Cotton Frontier. Volume Three: The Ante Bellum South, 1825-1860, Cotton, Slavery, and Conflict.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, (1969). Second Printing. 
Three volumes. Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), black spine labels, gilt letters & illus. upper covers, xix + 327 pp; xv + 289 pp; xviii + 403 pp. Fine, in slipcase. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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5 Clark, Thomas D. and Albert D. Kirwan. The South Since Appomatox: A Century of Regional Change.
New York: Oxford University Press, 1967. 
Octavo, grey cloth (hardcover), vii, 4387 pp. Fine, in a Very Good+ dust jacket with lightly rubbed edges. Illus. with b&w photographic plates. From jacket: rom jacket: This book, by two prominent southern historians, traces the readjustment of the American South and its realignment with the course of national history during the century since the end of the Civil War. It is a study in depth of the forces of change that have transformed the South ecnomically, politically, and socially...In treating the century that opened with Reconstruction and closed with the full impact of the national civil rights movement, the authors emphasize the intimate relationship of the past to the major decisions of the present... 
Price: 7.50 USD
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6 Clark, Thomas D.; Editor. Travels in the New South, A Bibliography. Volume One: The Postwar South, 1865-1900: An Era of Reconstruction and Readjustment. Volume Two: The Twentieth-Century South, 1900-1955: An Era of Change, Depression, and Emergence. Edited by Thomas D. Clark.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, (1962). First Edition, Stated. 
Two volumes. Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, 267 pp + 301 pp. Near-Fine, in Very Good, mylar protected dust jackets with light edgewear. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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7 Clinton, Charles A. Local Success and Federal Failure: A Study of Community Development and Education Change in the Rural South.
Cambridge, Mass.: ABT Books, [1979]. First Edition. 
Octavo, cloth (hardcover), mxxvii, 177 pp. Fine in dust jacket. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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8 Conner, Jud. Southern Yankees and the One-Eyed Alligator.
St. Petersburg, Fla.: Southern Heritage Press, [2000]. 
1st edition. Octavo, softbound, v, 132 pp. Illus. Fine. 
Price: 6.00 USD
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9 Conner, Jud. Southern Yankees and the One-Eyed Alligator.
St. Petersburg, Fla.: Southern Heritage Press, [2000]. 
1st edition. Octavo, softbound, v, 132 pp. Illus. Fine. 
Price: 5.00 USD
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10 Craddock, Charles Egbert [pseudonym of Mary N. Murfee]. In the Clouds.
Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1887. 
1st edition. Duodecimo, brown cloth, 452 pp. Near-Fine; minor wear to head and foot of spine. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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11 Dale, Jim. Neon through the Pines: Southern Memories.
Canton, GA: Yawn's Publishing, (2012). First Edition. 
Octavo, softbound (slick, full-color illus. wrappers), v + 346 pp. Fine (As New). From lower cover: Neon through the pines. It used to be moonlight through the pines. This book is primarily about my experiences as a Southerner, how the South has changed, and how some of us feel about the changes. This book is a series of edited articles from columns I wrote for my hometown newspapers published under the titles Let ME Tell You a Story and Lines from the Lake. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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12 Davids, Richard C. The Man Who Moved a Mountain.
Philadlephia: Fortress Press, (1970). 
Octavo, coral blind-stamped cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, 253 pp. Very Good, with light soiling to page edges (still, quite attractive), in a Fair, mylar protected dust jacket with soiling and speckling. From dust jacket: Moonshine, superstition, and shotguns ruled the Blue Ridge Mountains when Bob Childress was born in a one-room cabin in The Hollow. Whiskey provided forgetfulness and shootings provided entertainment. But when Bob Childress grew up, he turned away from the violence, poverty, and ignorance of his youth. The true account of how Bob Childress tamed a wild and backward corner of the Blue Ridge will appeal to everyone who loves a good story. Richard Davids takes us a few mile from what is now the Blue Ridge Parkway and only 220 miles from Washington, D.C. into a completely different world. People in this section of southwest Virginia settled their disputes with guns and ignored the rest of the country for generations -- until Bob Childress came along. Bob was a child of the hills and he felt their power: I was three years old when I was drunk for the first time. Brandy was god in our cabin. By the time I was fifteen I had an Owl's-head pistol and was known as a heller. Gradually, though, Bob saw beyond this way of life. He was a family man of thirty-five when he decided to become a Presbyterian minister. In five years he went from eighth grade to graduation from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond. On Buffalo Mountain, one of the most notorious in the area, Bob Childress faces illiterate preachers, liquor-dealers, and hardened killers. In his Model T, he traveled 50000 miles a year visiting isolated cabins. He built eight churches and preached weekly in fourteen. To a landlocked region with no industry, he brought sawmills, roads, and bridges. To forgotten people, he brough hope and self respect. 
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13 Davis, Hubert J. The Great Dismal Swamp: Its History, Folklore and Science. Illustrated by Donald L. Allen. Revised Edition.
Murfreesboro, NC: Johnson Publishing Company, 1971. 
Signed and Inscribed by Author. Octavo, illus. tan boards, (hardcover), 175 pp. Illustrated with b&w photos. Near-Fine, with former-owner inscription. Contents: Introduction; Natural History; A Geological Wonder; The Wicked Fire Bird of Dismal Swamp; Poets, Politicians and Phantasy; Perspiration, Politics and Persistence Construct a Canal; Deep Creek -- Open Door to Dismal Swamp; Sailing Masts and Green Seas; The Wooden Age of Colonial Virginia; A Swamp Animal Parade; Swift and Shy; Myths, Misconceptions and Nonsense. 
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14 Dick, Everett; Research Professor of American History, Union College, Lincoln Nebraska. The Dixie Frontier, A Social History of the Southern Frontier from the First Transmontane Beginnings to the Civil War.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1948. 
Octavo, green cloth, gilt letters & decorations to spine, xix + 374 pp + xxv pp. Residue to fep., otherwise, Very Good, with light rubbing to edges. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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15 Dickey, James. Southern Light. Photography by James Valentine.
Birmingham, Alabama: Oxmoor House, Inc., [1991]. First Edition (Stated). 
Oblong quarto, black cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, glossy pages, 192 pp. 135 Full-color photo. plates. Fine (As New), in like dust jacket. ‘In Southern Light, naturalist/photographer James Valentine and award-winning poet James Dickey celebrate the awesome, moving splendorrr of nature's light on the South's unspoiled wilderness areas...Followiing the progress of light on nature throughout the day, Valentines photography captures the vibrant landscapes of Southern states rich in unique diversity...Dickey's matchless poetic prose hhighlights the wide range of strong emotions that this wilderness inspires...A dramatic quest into the timeless beauty of pristine, fragile environments, environments essential to our well-being.' 
Price: 30.00 USD
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16 Dinnerstein, Leonard and Mary Dale Palsson. Jews in the South.
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, (1973). 
Octavo, black cloth (hardcover), viii + 392 pp. Near-Fine, with light foxing (age darkened spotting) to page edges; in a Fair, mylar protected dust jacket with a large chip to upper cover and edgewear that includes light chipping. From dust jacket: This comprehensive anthology, the first book-length treatment of the subject, examines various aspects of Jewish life in the South from colonial times to the present. It includes most of the serious studies of southern Jews, along with several other essays of special interest... 
Price: 20.00 USD
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17 Fair, John T. Seeing the Sunny South. With Frontispiece in Color and 115 Doubletone Illustrations.
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1921. 
Octavo, tan illus. cloth (hardcover), uncut, top edge gilt, tissue-protected frontis., plates, 320 pp. Very Good+, with light rubbing to covers. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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18 Flournoy, Mary H.; Historian General, United Daughters of the Confederacy. Side Lights on Southern History.
Richmond, VA: The Dietz Press, 1939. First Edition. 
Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, [xiv] + 259 pp. Very Good, with sunned spine and lightly rubbed edges. From Foreword: Foreign travelers usually are surprised and Northern guests frequently are concerned to find that the Confederate tradition persists in the South. It seems incredible to them that the old families of the South still speak of the War Between the States simply as “the War”, that the graves of those who fell in that conflict still are decorated, and that Confederate heroes are first in the affection of millions of people. Northerners soon discover how baseless are fears behind this attachment to the Southern cause there lurk “disaffection, treason and rebellion;” observant men from lands that suffered the ravages of the World War perceive sympathetically the relationship between tender memory and dark disaster. Southerners themselves accept the Confederate tradition so much as a part of their uprearing that they rarely ask themselves why it remains so much in their thought, in their literature, in their politics and in their outlook on life. Some day, I hope, a competent student will make the requisite long research and will analyze all the influences that have made this tradition as virile as precious. The inquiry will disclose, among other things, an instinctive choice of values, a proud association of the individual with a great cause and, quite apart from politics and questions of racial unity, an amazing example of the manner in which women influence thought... 
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19 Frank, Andrew K. Creeks and Southerners: Biculturalism on the Early American Frontier.
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, (2005). First Edition. 
Signed by the Author. Octavo, black cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, xi + 192 pp. Fine, in a Fine dust jacket. From dust jacket: Creeks and Southerners examines the families created by the hundreds of intermarriages between Creek Indian women and European American men in the southeastern United States during the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Called “Indian countrymen” at the time, these intermarried white men moved into their wives' villages in what is now Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. By doing so, they obtained new homes, familial obligations, occupations, and identities. At the same time, however, they maintained many of their ties to white American society and as a result entered the historical record in large numbers. Creeks and Southerners studies the ways in which many children of these relationships lived both as Creek Indians and white Southerners. By carefully altering their physical appearances, choosing appropriate clothing, learning multiple languages, embracing maternal and paternal kinsmen and kinswomen, and balancing their loyalties, the children of intermarriages found ways to bridge what seemed to be an unbridgeable divide. Many became prominent Creek political leaders and warriors, played central roles in the lucrative deerskin trade, built inns and taverns to cater to the needs of European American travelers, frequently moved between colonial American and Native communities, and served both European American and Creek officials as interpreters, assistants, and travel escorts. The fortunes of these bicultural children reflect the changing nature of Creek-white relations, which became less flexible and increasing contentious throughout the nineteenth century as both Creeks and Americans accepted a more rigid biological concept of race, forcing their bicultural children to choose between identities. 
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20 Friddell, Guy. The Virginia Way. Photographs by Wolfgang Roth.
Offenburg: Dr. Franz Burda, [1973]. First Edition. 
Quarto, blue cloth, (hardcover), gilt letters, glossy pages, 231 pp. B & w, color illus., photos throughout. Former owner inscription; otherwise, Fine, in a Very Good+ dust jacket with very light edgewear. Contents: A State of Bliss; Where it All Began; Go Make Tabacco; Let's Go to Williamsburg; The Holy City; Thomas Jefferson's Way; The Valley of Virginia; Star and Stag; Mountain Empire; Southside Mockingbird; The New Frontier; On the Shore; Ships to Build; Cities by the Sea. 
Price: 9.50 USD
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