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1 Bahti, Mark. Southwestern Indian Crafts.
Las Vegas, Nev.: KC Publications, 1983. 
Revised edition, 8th printing. Quarto, stiff pictorial wrappers, stapled, 48 pp. Color photos, illus., maps. Near-Fine. 
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2 Baldwin, Gordon C. The Apache Indians: Raiders of the Southwest. Illustrated with drawings and photographs.
New York: Four Winds Press, (1978). 
Octavo, gold cloth (hardcover), xiv + 221 pp. Fine, in a Very Good dust jacket with light edgewear. From dust jacket: Probably the most publicized of all the Indian tribes of the American Southwest, the Apaches are known primarily as raiders and warriors. It has become almost a tradition to portray these Indians as villains. Gordon Baldwin, a noted anthropologist and archaeologist, presents a more balanced and true-to-life portrait of the Apaches. Their ancestors were Asiatics who migrated to Northern Alaska around 1000 B.C. Gradually the tribes began moving southward, finally reaching the American Southwest sometime during the fifteenth or sixteenth century. From that time on the Apache's story is part of the colorful history of the American Southwest. The Apaches were among the first Indians to fight back against the invading European settlers -- and they were the last to give up the struggle. The names of their leaders -- Cochise, Geronimo, and Diablo -- have become legendary. The author provides an exciting account of these famous Apache wars. He also describes all aspects of the Apache way of life -- family structure, social life, what they ate and what their dwellings looked like, their crafts, rituals and ceremonies... including the role of medicine men and the Apache belief in ghosts and witchcraft. The final chapter takes a look at the Apaches in the 1970s. Today, the term Apache encompasses six different tribes -- the Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Lipan, Jicarilla, and Kiowa Apache (The Navajos were also once considered to be an apache tribe but they are now recognized as a distinct tribal unit). With this thorough and absorbing history, Gordon Baldwin has given readers a memorable portrait of the Apache Indians and their role in the history of the american frontier. 
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3 Bonnerjea, Biren. Index to Bulletins 1-100 of the Bureau of American Ethnology. With Index to Contributions to North American Ethnology, Introductions, and Miscellaneous Publications.
Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1963. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 178. 
Octavo, olive cloth (hardcover), gilt letters & decoration to spine, vi, 726 pp. Very Good, with light speckling to covers. 
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4 Brininstool, E.A. Crazy Horse, The Invincible Ogalalla Sioux Chief: The Inside Stories by Actual Observers, Of a Most Treacherous Deed Against a Great Indian Leader. Edited and Arranged for Publication by E. A. Brininstool. Photos from collection of E. A. Brininstool.
Los Angeles, CA: Wetzel Publishing Co., Inc., 1949. First Edition. 
Signed by the Author. Octavo, red leatherette (hardcover), gilt letters, 87 pp. Fine; in a Very Good dust jacket with edgewear that includes light chipping. From Introduction: The Inside Story of the dastardly murder at old Fort Robinson, Nebraska, September 5, 1877, of Crazy Horse, the great fighting chief of the Sioux nation, is here given in full detail by military men who were present on that tragic occasion. It adds one more blot to the outrageous treatment of the American Indian at the hands of the political parasites who composed the Indian ring at Washington. General Jesse M. Lee -- than whom no better friend of the Americna Indian ever lived -- was at that time Military Agent in charge of the Brule Sioux at Spotted Tail Agency, in Northwestern Nebraska. Major H. R. Lemly was a lieutenant of the Ninth Infantry, stationed at Camp Robinson, and Dr. V. T. McGillycuddy was Assistant Post Surgeon at that place, and attended Crazy Horse after the fatal stabbing until he passed away that same night. Private George McAnulty, Ninth Infantry, was an acidental witness to the killing of the chief, happening to be passing the guardhouse at the time. As four of the prominent spectators present, their stories teem with historic interest. The additional details supplied by Mrs. Lee, wife of General Lee, and thier daughter, Mrs. Maude Lee Rethers, give an idea what the army women of that day were called upon to endure and witness... 
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5 Bruchac, Joseph. Dawn Land.
Golden, Colorado: Fulcrum Publishing, [1993]. 
Signed & Inscribed by the Author, “For Don.” Octavo, grey cloth (hardcover), xiv, 317 pp. Fine, in a Fine dust jacket. Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac has fashioned a compelling novel from the authentic oral traditions of his people. He deftly blends historical facts and native myths to create a story that is as powerful as any ever told, perhaps even more so because it comes from the heart of the people whose history goes back to a time before memory... 
Price: 10.00 USD
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6 Canadian Archaeological Association. Canadian Journal of Archaeology/Journal Canadien d'Archaeologie. No. 1, 1977.
Ottawa: Canadian Archaeological Association, 1977. 
8vo, stiff printed wrappers, 190 pp. Maps, photos, illus. Very Good. Contents: Trends and Consequences in Canadian Prehistory; Writing-On-Stone: Rock Art on the Northwestern Plains; A Human Mandible in Probable Association with a Pleistocene Faunal Assemblage in Eastern Beringia: A Preliminary Report; Fluted Point Makers and the Extinction of the Arctic-Steppe Biome in Eastern Beringia; Intergrating Faunal Analysis; Pit-House Construction and the Disturbance of Stratified Sites; Ivory for the Sea Woman: The Symbolic Attributes of a Prehistoric Technology; An Application of the Direct Historical Approach to the Algonkians of Northern Ontario. 
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7 De Acosta, El P. Joseph. Historia Naturaly Moral De Las Indias En Que Se Tratan De Las Cosas Notables Del Cielo/Elementos/Metales/Plantas Y Animales Dellas / Y Los Ritos/Y Ceremonias/Leyes Y Gobierno De Los Indios. Compuesto Por El P. Joseph De Acosta, Religioso de la Compania de Jesus. Edicion Preparada Por Edmundo O'Gorman con un prologo, tres apendices y un indice de materias.
Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, (1962). Segunda edicion, revisada. 
Octavo, brown cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, xcv + 444 pp. Near-Fine, with light foxing (age darkened spotting) to page edges; in a Very Good+ dust jacket with sunned spine and light edgewear. From dust jacket: La Historia natural y moral de las Indias del padre Jose de Acosta se publico por primera vez en espanol en 1590. El exito que obtuvo de inmediato sobrepaso el de cualquier otra obra del genero, como lo demuestran sus numerosas ediciones y sus traducciones al italiano, frances, aleman, ingles, holandes y latin, a lo largo de los siglos XVII y XVIII. En ella, el padre Acosta se propuso abrir al mundo cultural europeo el misterio de la flora y la fauna del continente americano y de sus propios habitantes: la concepcion natural y humana que los contemporaneos europeos de Acosta tenian por inamovible chocaba con la naturaleza desconocida y heterogenea del Nuevo Mundo y con la religion, costumbres, concepto del arte y de la vida, de los pobladores de estas tierras lejanas, tierras de asombro.... 
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8 Emmerich, Andre. Art Before Columbus: The Art of Ancient Mexico -- from the Archaic Villages of the Second Millennium B. C. to the Splendor of the Aztecs. With Photographs by Lee Boltin.
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1963. 
First Edition, First Printing, As Stated. Tall, square octavo, gold cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, blind-stamped decoration to covers, glossy pages, 256 pp. Near-Fine, with light foxing (age darkening). B & w photos, plates. Contents: Introduction; The First Inhabitants; The Village Artists; The Enduring Villages; The Olmecs; Mezcala; The Formative Age; Teotihuacan; The Zapotecs; Veracruz: Remojadas; Veracruz: Yokes, Hachas and Palmas; The Maya; The Huaxtecs; The Fall of the Theocracies; The LAst Outposts; The Toltecs; The Post-Classic Maya; The Mixtec Renaissance; The Invaders; The Aztecs; Notes on the Illustrations; Some Books for Further Reading; Glossary; Index. 
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9 Fenton, William N. The Iroquois Eagle Dance, An Offshoot of the Calumet Dance. With An Analysis of the Iroquois Eagle Dance and Song by Gertrude Prokosch Kurath. [Bulletin 156].
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, 1953. 
Octavo, paperbound, vi, 324 pp. Very Good, with former-owner signature and ligtly sunned spine. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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10 Gibson, Arrell M. The Chickasaws.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, (1971). First Edition. 
Octavo, tan cloth & red boards (hardcover), xv + 312 pp. Fine, in a Good+ dust jacket with sunned spine and two inch tear. From dust jacket: In The Chickasaws, the first booklength history of the Chickasaw Nation, Arrell M. Gibson recounts the remarkable, sustained effort of the Chickasaws in their 350 year struggle to preserve a measure of their tribal institutions and indenpendence in the face of increasing encroachments by white men. With determination and ingenuity, these proud and warlike Indians from the lower Mississippi Valley fought attempts by the federal government to integrate the tribe into the American community. The impetus for the Chickasaw's long struggle came as years of contact with white men gradually eroded traditional tribal customs and as forced migration to the West and particiaption in the Civil War further disrupted tribal life. The persistent efforts of the Chickasaws to retain their independence centered around their attempts to adjust to life in the rapidly developing United States. Fusing many of their traditional tribal customs with American practices, the Chickasaws established new political, social, and economic institutions; a government with executive, legislative, and judicial departments; boarding schools; and highly successful economic ventures. Continued pressure from the federal government, however, doomed all hopes that the Chickasaws might keep their status as a semi-autonomous Indian republic. In 1906 the absorption of the tribe into the emerging state of Oklahoma signaled the death of the Chickasaws as a nation. An important chapter in the history of the West, this interpretation of Chickasaw history in the context of American national development will make absorbing reading for the scholar and layman alike... 
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11 Goodyear, Albert C., III and Glen T. Hanson. Studies in South Carolina Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Robert L. Stephenson. Anthropological Series 9. Occasional Papers of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, The University of South Carolina.
Columbia, SC: South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, The U niversity of South Carolina, (1989). 
First Edition, First Printing, Stated. Quarto, softbound (stiff, slick, white wrappers), xx + 275 pp. Former-owner signature and stamp; otherwise, Fine. Illustrated with figures and tables. Chapters include: South Carolina Human Remains as an Archaeological Resource: An Update; The Earliest South Carolinians; Pattern and Process in the Middle Archaic Period of South Carolina; An Archaeological Overview of the South Carolina Woodland Period: It's the Same Old Riddle; Sea Level Change, Estuarine Development and Temporal Variability in Woodland Period Subsistence-Settlement Patterning on the Lower Coastal Plain of South Carolina; The Mississippian in South Carolina; Cofitachequi: Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Evidence; From Archaeology to Interpretation at Charles Towne; English-Spanish Conflict in 17th Century Carolina; A Theoretical Perpective; Colonoware Ceramics: The Evidence from Yaughan and Curriboo Plantations; Lowcountry Plantations, the Catawba Nation, and River Burnished Pottery; An Examination of Historic Ceramic Seriation: A Case Study from the Savannah River Region of South Carolina; Approaches to Archaeologial Investigation of Charleston, South Carolina; Settlement Function and Archaeological Patterning in a Historic Urban Context: The Woodrow Wilson House in Columbia, South Carolina; The Law and the Amateur in Resource Management. 
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12 Hayes, Allan and Blom, John. Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni. Photographs by John Blom. Foreword by Alexander E. Anthony, Jr.
Flagstaff, AZ: Northland Publishing Company, [1996]. 
Square quarto, softbound, full-color illus. wrappers, viii, 189 pp. Near-Fine, with slight edgewear. Illus. with full-color photos. Contents: Getting Started; Pottery Country; What to Look for in a Pot; Prehistoric Pottery; Modern Pottery; Collections; Afterword; Museums & Bibliography; Index. 
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13 Hoffman, Bernard G. Observations on Certain Ancient Tribes of the Northern Appalachian Province. From Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 191 pp., 191-246, pl. 26. [Anthropological Papers, No. 17].
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, Beureau of American Ethnology, 1964. 
Octavo, paperbound (stiff, printed green wrappers), [55] pp. Near-Fine, with former-owner signature. Illustrated. 
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14 House, John H. and David L. Ballenger. An Archaeological Survey of the Interstate 77 Route in the South Carolina Piedmont. Research Manuscript Series No. 104.
Columbia, SC: Division of Advanced Studies and Research, Institute of Archeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina, 1976. 
Quarto, paperbound (stiff orange wrappers), xviii + 211 pp. Very Good, with former-owner stamp and wear to spine. From Management Summary: The projected Interstate 77 route between Columbia and Rock Hill, South Carolina is one of the last remaining Interstate routes to be built in South Carolina. In the fall and winter of 1975-76, John H. House and David L. Ballenger of the Institute of Archeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina conducted a survey of the archeological resources in the portion of the I-77 corridor between Blythewood and Rock Hill. This portion of the route is located in Richland, Fairfield, Chester, and York Counties in the Piedmont portion of South Carolina... The I-77 corridor is located in the Piedmont portion of South Carolina, entirely within a hilly upland area bounded by the Broad River on the west and the Catawba-Wateree River on the east. The region of the I-77 corridor is known to have been occupied by prehistoric Indians as early as 12,000 years ago. Settlement of the corridor area by persons of European and African descent began in the mid-eighteenth century and the region became a major cotton-producing area of the South in the early nineteenth century... 
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15 Humfreville, J. Lee. Twenty Years among Our Hostile Indians. Describing the Characteristics, Customs, Habits, Religion, Marriages, Dances and Battles of the Wild Indians in Their Natural State, Together with the Entrance of Civilization through Their Hunting Grounds, Also the Fur Companies, Overland Stage, Pony Express, Electric Telegraph, and Other Phases of Life in the Pathless Regions of the Wild West. Fully Illustrated from Original Photographs.
New York: Hunter & Co., Publishers, (1899). Second Edition. Howes H790. 
Royal octavo, red illus. cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, xxxvi + 479 pp. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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16 Hunter, Robert. Red Blood: One (Mostly) White Guy's Encounters with the Native World.
San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, [1999]. 
Octavo, black cloth & red boards, (hardcover), gilt letters, 272 pp. Fine (As New), in a Fine (As New) dust jacket. “Robert Hunter's courageous activism as a founder of the Greenpeace movement (and the man behind the rainbow warrior theme) often placed him shoulder-to-shoulder with Native peoples fighting the same good fight on behalf of Mother Earth. In Red Blood, this straight-talking storyteller takes readers along for a wild ride as he recounts some of his most dramatic escapades in the fight for social and environmental justice. 
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17 Johnson, Harmer. Guide to the Arts of the Americas: Pre-Columbian Art, American Indian Art.
New York: Rizzoli, [1992]. An International Archive of Art Book. 
Quarto, brown cloth, (hardcover), gilt letters, glossy pages, 240 pp. Fine, in Very Good+ dust jacket with very light edgewear and rubbing. 600 illus. -- 100 in color. "This authoritative, encyclopedically arranged survey provides the specific information needed to wisely form and develop collections of the work created by the complex and sophisticated civilizations that flowered on the American continents...The Introduction includes histories of collecting Pre-Columbian and American Indian art and cogent discussion of the considerations most important to collectors...For each of the book's two sections -- Pre-Columbian Art and American Indian Art -- the author gives a brief history of the subject and discusses the types of works available. The texts are followed by illus. in b & w and color, systematically presenting excellent examples of the various categories of work. These pictures and their informative captions enable collectors to identify the characteristics of each type and judge quality by comparison. Maps show the locations of the major cultures and peoples of the Americas, and charts clarify their place in the span of nearly four thousand years covered. The Preface confronts controversial questions about collecting...Includes the native arts of all the Americas -- North, Central, and South...” 
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18 Jonaitis, Aldona; Editor. Chiefly Feasts: The Enduring Kwakiutl Potlatch. With Essays by Douglas Cole, Ira Jacknis, Aldona Jonaitis, Wayne Suttles, Gloria Cranmer Webster. Contributions by Stacy Alyn Marcus and Judith Ostrowitz. And Special Editorial Help by Peter L. Macnair. Color Photographs by Lynton Gardiner.
New York: American Museum of Natural History, Unitversity of Washington Press, [1991]. 
Large, square octavo, silver stamped letters and decoration to upper cover, 300 pp. Fine in like dust jacket. ‘The magnificent collection of art made by the Kwakiutl Indians of northern Vancouver Island and the nearby mainland, assembled in the late nineteenth and early tentieth centuries for the American Museum of Natural Hsitory by Franz Boas and George Hunt, lies at the heart of Chiefly Feasts: The Enduring Kwakiutl Potlatch...Over eighty historical photographs place the ceremonial regalia in context. More than one hundred objects from the American Museum and other collections are illustrated in full color, and extended captions incorporating information provided by many members of the Kwakiutl community describe their history and aquisition.' 
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19 King, Charles. A Daughter of the Siox: A Tale of the Indian Frontier. Illustrations by Frederic Remington and Edwin Willard Deming.
New York: Grosset & Dunlap, [1903]. 
Octavo, tan illus. cloth (hardcover), 306 pp. Illus. Good, with edgewear and soiling to covers, foxing. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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20 Lovegrove, Michael W. A Nation in Transition: Douglas Henry Johnston and the Chickasaws, 1898 - 1939.
Ada, Oklahoma: Chickasaw Press, (2009). First Edition. 
Octavo, black cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, xiv + 226 pp. Fine in a Fine dust jacket. From dust jacket: Douglas Henry Johnston was governor of the Chickasaw Nation from 1898 to 1902 and from 1904 to 1939. His tenure in this position is the longest of any American Indian chief executive. In this much-anticipated biography, Dr. Michael Lovegrove chronicles Johnston's remarkable political life, telling the story of how he led his people -- with diplomacy and efficiency -- through the devastating dissolution of tribal lands at the beginning of the twentieth century and through the contentious struggles in the three decades that followed. Drawing on a range of sources, Lovegrove shows the enromous impact Governor Johnston had on the development of the Chickasaw Nation. A mild-mannered, intellectually gifted statesman, he stood steadfast at the helm of his people, helping them navigate federal allotment during the Dawes Commission era at the turn of the century... 
Price: 20.00 USD
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