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181 Balseiro, Jose Agustin; Editor. The Hispanic Presence in Florida, Yesterday and Today, 1513 - 1976. With Contributions by Vincente Murga, R. S. Boggs, W. G. Arnade, William M. Strait, Rosa M. Abella, Carlos Ripoll, and Antonio Jorge.
E. A. Seemann Publishing, Inc., [1976]. 
Octavo, softbound, 160 pp. Very Good+, with bump to top of spine. Contents: General Introduction (Balseiro); Florida, So Named by Ponce de Leon (Murga); Mosaid of Traditional Culture (Boggs); Medicine in Spanish Florida (Straight); Florida During the American Revolutionary War (Arnade); Jose Marti and the American Founding Fathers (Ripoll); The Cultural Presence of the Cuban Exile in Miami (Abella); Characteristics and Consequences (Jorge); Index. 
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182 Balzani, Ugo. Le Cronache Italianae nel Medio Evo.
Milano: Ulrico Hoepli, 1909. Third Edition, Revised. 
Octavo, half vellum & marbled boards, gilt-stamped spine, zic, [ii], 333 pp. Near-Fine. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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183 Bamford, Hal. Florida History.
St. Petersburg, FL: Great Outdoors Publishing Company, (1976). Second Edition. 
Quarto, paperbound (stiff, illus. white wrappers), 77 pp + Index. ContentS: Florida's Indians and First White Settlers; International Rivalry in Florida; The Changing Fate of Florida; Florida under Spanish Rule; Florida Gains Statehood; Florida Leaves the Union and Returns; A Period of Growth: Tourism Begins; Twentieth Century Florida. 
Price: 8.50 USD
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184 Banco de Occidente Credencial. Archipielagos del Caribe Colombiano.
Cali, Colombia: Banco de Occidente, (1996). First Edition. 
Folio, slick color-illustrated boards (hardcover), text in Spanish, 205 pp. Color photos throughout. Fine in dust jacket with mylar protector. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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185 Bandini, Ralph. Veiled Horizons: Stories of Big Game Fish of the Sea.
New York: The Derrydale Press, (1939). 
First Edition. Of an edition of 950, this is No. 130. Tall octavo, gilt-stamped green cloth, uncut, 2222 pp. Map, photos. Very Good; spine faded. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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186 Banham, Joanna; MacDonald, Sally; and Porter, Julia. Victorian Interior Style.
London: Studio Editions, [1996]. 
Quarto, (hardcover), red cloth, gilt letters, glossy full-color illus. pages, 224 pp. Fine, in like dust jacket. ‘Using contemporary illustrations and descriptions, material from trade catalogues, design manuals and essays on taste, this book highlights a diversity of styles. Victorian Interior Style provides both a chronological survey of the important events and personalities involved in the history of nineteenth-century design and a social and economic context for the different types of furnishings and decorations that emerged. Revivalist and traditional styles are examined as closely as the more innovative teendencies and, where possible, attention is focused upon the circumstances in which all of them were employed. Most importantly, the authors examine the reasons for the popularity -- or lack of it -- of these different styles, providing an insight into why many are still fashionable today.' Contents: The Victorian Revival; Victorian Values; The Battle of the Styles; The Reformed Home; Morris & Co.; The Aesthetic Movement; Palaces of Art; Cottage Style; New Art; Revivalism Revisited; Bibliography; Selected Bibliographies; Index. 
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187 Banks, Richard. The Mysterious Leaf. Illustrated by Irene Haas.
New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1954. First Edition. 
Square octavo, blue cloth with stamped illustration of leaves to upper cover, [52] pp. Very Good, with sunned spine and edgewear. Illustrations throughout. From story: This is what happened in Sparkling... Sparkling is a little town at the edge of the great prairies. It has a park or two, churches, stores and filling stations, and a gathering of neat little houses. Nearly every street is bewhiskered by white picket fences, and each trim, green yard overflows with flowers and shrubs. Years ago the Chamber of Commerce put of signs on all roads leading into the village, saying, “Sparkling / The Town of Flowers.” People say that for its size Sparkling has more beautiful flowers than any other town in the nation. Every years, from early spring until late fall, the town is a mass of color from blooms of all shapes, hues and sizes. And of a cool summer night the air smells so good a perfume counter is tame beside it. Then there is the college. In a cozy cluster of ivy-clad buildings hundreds of students from everywhere gather each fall. It is small as colleges go, perhaps, but it more than makes up for its lack of size by the high place it holds among colleges far and wide. The college was the reason the three learned men lived on Hay Street in the town of Sparkling. Thier names were Dr. Whowhere, Dr. Thisthat and Mr. Whichwat, and they were professors at the college. They gave lectures, greaded papers, taught lessons -- three old bachelors, a little musty in speech and action; apt, at times, to be frosty with a student who didn't have his lesson.... 
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188 Bansemer, Roger. Rachael's Splendifilous Adventure. Illustrated by Roger Bansemer. Written by Daryl May and Roger Bansemer.
Mt. Desert, Maine: Windswept House Publishers, (1991). First Edition. 
Signed & inscribed by Daryl May. Folio, hardcover (slick, full-color illus. white boards), 32 pp. Fine and Fine dust jacket. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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189 Bansemer, Roger. Southern Shores.
Orlando: Sentinel Communications, [1989]. 
1st edition. Inscribed and signed by the author. Quarto, blue boards (hardbound). Color illustrations throughout. Near-Fine in dust jacket. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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190 Baraka, Amiri (Imanu). Death is a Form of Ignorance.
Charleston, WV: Parchment Gallery Graphics, [1996]. 
Royal octavo, softbound (slick printed wrappers, stapled), [34] pp. Fine (As New). Collection of drawings and poetry. Amiri Baraka has been characterized over the past four decades as beat, then as confession, then as New York School, and ultimately as black militant.... 
Price: 20.00 USD
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191 Baraka, Amiri (Imanu). Death is a Form of Ignorance.
Charleston, WV: Parchment Gallery Graphics, [1996]. 
Royal octavo, softbound (slick printed wrappers, stapled), [34] pp. Fine (As New). Collection of drawings and poetry. Amiri Baraka has been characterized over the past four decades as beat, then as confession, then as New York School, and ultimately as black militant.... 
Price: 20.00 USD
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192 Baraka, Amiri (Imanu). Death is a Form of Ignorance.
Charleston, WV: Parchment Gallery Graphics, [1996]. 
Royal octavo, softbound (slick printed wrappers, stapled), [34] pp. Fine (As New). Collection of drawings and poetry. Amiri Baraka has been characterized over the past four decades as beat, then as confession, then as New York School, and ultimately as black militant.... 
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193 Barbados, Privy Council, Executive Committee. Barbados: Report for the Years 1960 and 1961.
Barbados: Government Printing Office, 1962. 
Octavo, softbound, 162 pp. Photos. Very Good. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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194 Barber, H. The Aeroplane Speaks.
London: McBride, Nast & Co., (1917). Fifth Edition. 
Octavo, flexible cloth, 156 pp. Plates, illustrations, ads. Very Good. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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195 Barber, Noel. The Sultans.
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1973. 
First Edition. Octavo, navy blue cloth, gilt letters, 304 pp. B & w illus., maps. Near-Fine. Contents: The Years of Decline -- The Grand Seraglio, The Fatal Flaws, The Reign of the Favoured Women, The Years of the Cage, The Rule of the Viziers; ‘The Sick Man of Europe' -- The French Sultana, The Road to the Crimea, The Madman of Dolmabache, The City of Intrigue, The Siege of Plevna, The Murder of a Patriot, The Brave and the Damned; The Alternative Despots -- The Unholy Trinity, The Rebel, The Fire of Smyrna, The Dictator; Postscript, Notes on Further Reading, Books Consulted, Documents, Index. 
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196 Barbour, Sylvester. Reminiscences: Fifty Years a Lawyer, and Appendix, Containing a List of the Officers and Members, and a Copy of the By-Laws of Phoebe Humphrey Chapter, Daughers of the American Revolution, of Collinsville, Connecticut.
Hartford: Hartford Press / The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1908. 
1st edition. Octavo, blue cloth, vi, 166 pp. Photos, portraits. Former-owner signatures; otherwise Near-Fine. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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197 Barclay, Leslie; comp. History of the Scottish Barclays. Originally compiled by Leslie Barclay. Reprint of the 1915 edition, with additions and index by Carolyn L. Barkley.
Lovettsville, VA: Willow Bend Books, 1995. 
Reprint of the 1915 edition, with additions and index. Octavo, softbound, 229 pp. Very Good. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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198 Barden, Merritt C. Vermont, Once No Man's Land.
Rutland, VT: The Tuttle Company, 1928. 
Royal octavo, green cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, xvi + 197 pp. Near-Fine, with light rubbing to edges and covers, gilt letters of spine dulled. A genealogical summary of the families who have lived along the New York border in Vermont, and their connection with those who lived over the line in New York, which include the Sheldon, Smith, Nelson, Phelps, Harmon, Hopkins, Townsend, McFadden, Ayers, Whdeon, Allen, Bardwell, Willis, Cleveland, McNaughton, Conant, Folger, Rogers, Dillingham, Bartlett, Hamilton, Barden, McColoc, Viets, Bennett, Phillips, Taylor, Leach, Denio, Eastman, Pratt, Jackson, Baldridge, Baldwin, Stearns, Hatch, Orr, Lancaster, Fitzgerald, Goodspeed, Winslow, Moncreaf, Stant, Clark, Barns, Moffet, Wiseman, Potter, Graves, Kinne, Roberts, Wilson, Pearse, Johnson, Woodard, Hudson, Shaw, Higgins, PRescott, Campbell, McCall, Vance, Wright, Lyman, Brown, Spear, Farrar, Spencer, Holmes, Bentley, Linoln, Elwell, Bates, Rush, Flower, Hays, Morey, Fraser, Hurd, Moore, Loveland, Guild, Burton, and many others, with a chart showing the location of grants of the Duke of York territory; Saratoga, location of battle ground, Schuyler, Campbell, Argyle, Fort Edward, and Alexander; Turner Grants; the Chamberlain and Munson purchase; 12,000 acres to Rev. John Clark, with lines connecting settlers down to 1927; which include the Nelsons, Townsends, Braymers, McFaddens, Allens, Hopkins, Clevelands, Ayers, Lang, Ellsworth, Day, McNaughton, Wilson, McClelland, Hamilton, Hanna, Rogers, Parrish, Getty, Lewis, Munson, Conant, and many others. Some very long lines running back into the Dark Ages; through tht ecrowned heads of Europe, and many to the first known man and woman, Adam and Eve; many D.A.R. lines; Mayflower descendants to Elder Brewster, Miles Standish, William White, Degory Preist, Stephen Hopkins, Peter Brown, Thomas Clark, Mate of Mayflower, and others; many notables, John Vassall, Alderman of London, wife Ann Russell; Lord Seymour; Governor Wells; Lord North; Roger Newton, wife of Mary Hooker (Rev. Thomas) (Thomas (1) Bird; Richard Olmstead; Jeremy Adams; Sanfords; Colliers; and hundreds of others; many Sheldons and their connecting links with each other. 
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199 Bardon, Doris and Murray D. Laurie. Florida's Museums and Cultural Attractions.
Sarasota, FL: Pineapple Press, Inc., [1998]. First Edition, As Stated. 
Octavo, softbound (glossy, full-color illus. wrappers), ix, 197 pp. Fine (As New). Illustrated guide geographically organized by section and city, includes an extensive index which lists venues alphabetically and by type/attraction. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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200 Barefoot, Daniel W. General Robert F. Hoke: Lee's Modest Warrior.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina: John F. Blair, Publisher, (1996). First Edition. 
Signed and inscribed by the author. Octavo, cloth & boards (hardcover), xvii + 452 pp. Fine, in a Fine, mylar protected dust jacket. From dust jacket: Neglected by modern historians, Robert F. Hoke was a towering figure in his time. Mustered into Confederate service as a second lieutenant in April 1861, he was a major within five months, a lieutenant colonel within nine months, a colonel within sixteen months, a brigadier general within two years, and a major general within three years -- becoming, at age twenty-six, the youngest Southern officer of that rank in the Civil War. Of the 125,000 men his state contributed to the Confederate cause, it was Hoke who was called “the North Carolina Lee” and “the most distinguished solider of North Carolina.” In a face-to-face meeting after the war, U. S. Grant admired that Hoke had administed “the worst drubbing I ever got,” at Cold Harbor. He fought in nearly every significant battle in the Eastern theater - Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill, Second Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Plymouth, Petersburg, Richmond, Cold Harbor, Fort Fisher, Bentonville. He witnessed the first Confederate casualty at Bethel and provided the rear guard as Joseph E. Johnston met Sherman at Bennett Farm to arrange the last surrender. Back home, Hoke hitched his war-horse to a plow and quietly set about rebuildilng the South, a cause that later inspired him to leadership positions in industry. A private man, he declined every honor offered him by North Carolinaians, including the governorship... 
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