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Political Science

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1 Anderson, Jack. With James Boyd. Fiasco: The Real Story Behind the Disastrous Worldwide Energy Crisis -- Richard Nixon's “Oilgate.”
New York: Times Books, [1983]. First Edition. 
Octavo, black cloth & boards, (hardcover), gilt letters, xiv, 386 pp. Very Good+ with light edgewear, in a Fine dust jacket. “From Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Jack Anderson, the never-before-told, behind-the-scenes story of the energy crisis that has continued to haunt us for more than a decade -- a crisis that should never have been. Drawing on sources only he could tap, from Texas boardrooms to the White House and Congress to exclusive interviews with Muammer Quddafi in the Libyan desert and with the royal family in Riyadh, Anderson tells a shocking and dramatic story of greed, betrayal, appeasement of economic agression, and, above all, a politics that at every turn subordinated the nation's long-term oil security to political advantage of the moment...” 
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2 Anderson, John B.; Editor. Congress and Conscience. Essays by Congressman Jim Wright, Senator George McGovern, Senator Barry Goldwater, Congressman Charles E. Bennett, Congressman Albert H. Quie, Congressman John B. Anderson.
Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1970. First Edition, As Stated. 
Octavo, navy blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, 192 pp. Very Good, with slight wear to covers, in a tape repaired dust jacket. “As practicing Christian politicians, six leading Congressmen contribute to this volume a uniqe perspective on the problems of reconciling ethical ideas with the rough-and-tumble politics of the nation's capital. ..Topics covered range from the controversy over Congressional ethics to the wider question of morality as applied to social problems and institutional reforms. Particular emphasis is placed on the historical relations between church and stateand the possiblity of a religious influence for good. Finally, there is an analysis of the apparent alliance between political and religious conservatism on the one hand, and political and religious liberalism on the other.” 
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3 Aptheker, Herbert. Mission to Hanoi. With Prefaces by Staughton Lynd and Thomas Hayden.
New York: International Publishers, 1966. 
Octavo, softbound, 128 pp. Illus. with b&w photos. Near-Fine, with age darkened edges. This is a revealing and exciting account of a people-to-people fact-finding journey to North Vietnam...[The authors] interviewed the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam and representatives of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam in Hanoi, seeking their views on the fateful issue of our day, how to end the war in Vietnam.... 
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4 Arantes, Tito. Balanco Duma Campanha Eleitoral. Discurso Pronunciado Na Sessao de Propaganda Eleitoral Promovida Pela Uniao Nacional No Palacio Dos Desportos De Lisboa, EM 5 De Novembro De 1953.
Lisboa: Comp. Nacional Editora, n.d. 
Octavo, paperbound (stapled printed wrappers), 19 pp. Very Good+, with former owner signature. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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5 Clay, Bill. Bill Clay: A Political Voice at the Grass Roots.
St. Luis: Missouri Historical Society Press, (2004). First Edition. 
Signed and inscribed by the author. Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), xv + 328 pp. Fine (As New) in a Near-Fine dust jacket with light edgewear. From dust jacket: As Democratic ward committeeman for more than twenty years (a position that controlled many patronage jobs), Bill Clay Sr. was forced to endorse candidates in primary elections, even in the most contentious and divisive contests. This committee post was concurrent with his congressional responsibilites, putting the committteeman-congressman at the epicenter of most local politcal storms. Clay recounts his forty-two year odyssey through a career filled with controversy, conflict, and confrontation. He challenged both the established rule of the white St. Louis power structure and the black “don't rock the boat” political and civil rights advocates. In the process, he changed the face of a racially discriminatory economic, political, and social system. Clay's struggle to gain power and to keep it was confined to fights with other politicians and business executives, however. It also involved an ongoing fight for his political survival with the media. One daily newspaper waged a publicly declared campaign to ensure his loss in every election. Without compromising his principles or softening his attacks on racists and racism, Clay battled back. He won re-election fifteen consecutive times, and the newspaper eventually folded. In the end, Clay, using his tremendous vote-getting apparatus, became one of Missouri's most powerful political voices in controlling election-year issues and determining the success of candidates' campaigns in both citywide and statewide elections. 
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6 Crowther, Samuel. America Self-Contained.
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., MCMXXXIII. First Edition, Stated. 
Octavo, navy blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, 340 pp. Fine, in a Very Good dust jacket with light edgewear. With letter from The Chemical Foundation laid-in. From jacket: In these days of international enmity and bitterness, it is the fortunate nation which can stand alone. For the first time, says Samuel Crowther, America is practically self-contained and can and should depend upon her own resources... 
Price: 12.50 USD
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7 Curti, Merle and Kendall Birr. Prelude to Point Four: American Technical Missions Overseas, 1838-1938.
Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1954. First Edition. 
Octavo, navy blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, ix + 284 pp. Ex-libris, with three neat stamps to endpapers and inked numeral to title page; otherwise, Fine; in a Very Good dust jacket with edgewear. From dust jacket: When in 1949 President Truman enunciated his plans for the bold new program which has come to be known as Point Four, he spoke hopefully to aspirations of peace-loving peoples for a better life; of a world-wide effort for the achievement of peace, plenty, and freedom; of helping the least fortunate to help themselves. Spelled out in detail, his proposal promised that, given financial assistance and technical advice, backward areas and peoples would be enabled through their own efforts to produce more food, more clothing, more materials for housing, and more mechanical pwer to lighten their burdens; that so assisted, they would realize the decent, satisfying life that is the right of all people. The authors of Prelude to Point Four have undertaken through historical research to test the assumptions that underlie these altruistic hopes: to examine the problems which arose in previous attempts to bring American know-how to alien cultures and foreign governments. Their book is based on American materials and is written from the American point of view. Within these limitations the research has been exhaustive. Information from official reports of the experts themselves has been supplemented by data from unpublished reports and despatches, papers in the National Archives, correspondence files in the Smithsonian Institution, and memoirs and personal reminiscences of many of the participants in the enterprises here described. Significant information has come to light in letters and interviews which the authors obtained personally from a number of the technical experts who took part in the missions. Their story begins with the work of agriculturalists and of mining and geological technicians in Latin America, Turkey, China, and Japan during the nineteenth century; they tell of the work of financial experts as advisors to Persia and Liberia in the early years of the present century; they review the successes and failures attending American intervention in the Caribbean in the years following the Spanish-American War; and their story concludes with accounts of the rapidly multiplying American missions abroad during and following the first world war, when American experts were called upon for advice in developing natural resources, in supervising projects for flood control, in revising monetary systems, and in making educational surveys. Most of the missions took place after the turn of the century, and most of them went to Latin America and the Far East. Scientific curiosity, desire for commercial advantage, and the complex reasons of diplomacy motivated American initiated enterprises. A special American reputation in technical fields, belief in American disinterestedness, and the desire for American capital helped persuade foreign countries to seek American aid. The scope of these missions varied all the way from simple surveys to complex attempts to remake whole societies... 
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8 Ekirch, Arthur A., Jr. The Decline of American Liberalism.
New York: Longmans, Green and Company, 1955. First Edition. 
Octavo, blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, 401 pp. Near-Fine, with former-owner bookplate; in a Very Good+ dust jacket with sunned spine and lightly rubbed edges. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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9 Franke, David; Editor. [Buckley, Wm. F., Jr.]. The Best of Wm. F. Buckley Jr.: Quotations from Chairman Bill. Compiled by David Franke.
New Rochelle, NY: Arlington House, (1970). 
Bookplate Signed & Inscribed by Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. Octavo, navy blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, 306 pp. Fine, in a Very Good, mylar protected dust jacket with edgewear that includes light chipping. From dust jacket: William F. Buckley Jr., says the New York Daily News, “takes professional U. S. liberals apart so skillfully that you'll long be hearing their shrieks of fear and hatred. David Franke now offers, for the first time under one cover, 880 of the wittiest, juiciest, most irritating (to liberals and other targets) and most penetrating quotations from the foremost spokesman for conservatism in America. Each quotation is arranged by topic, and the exact source is proved. 
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10 Garlin, Sender. Is Dewey the Man? With Illustrations by William Gropper.
New York: Workers Library Publishers, 1944. 
Octavo, paperbound (stapled blue wrappers), 32 pp. Fine. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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11 Greathouse, Charles A.; Editorl. Official Report of the Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention Held at Houston, Texas, June 26, 27, 28, and 29, 1928, Resulting in the Nomination of Alfred E. Smith (of New York) for President and Joseph T. Robinson (of Arkansas) for Vice-President.
Indianapolis: Bookwalter-Ball-Greathouse Printing Co., 1928. 
Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), gilt letters and decoration to upper cover, 451 pp. Near-Fine, with light rubbing to edges. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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12 Leontyev, A. Work under Capitalism and Socialism.
New York: International Publishers, 1942. 
Octavo, paperbound, 62 pp. Good+, with underlining. Contents: What is Work?; Socialism and Work are Inseparable; Work - A Matter of Honor; The Right and Duty to Work; Socialist Labor Discipline; Labor Reserves; The Victory of the New Social System; References. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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13 Mayer, J. P. Alexis de Tocqueville: A Biographical Essay in Political Science. Translated by M. M. Bozman and C. Hahn.
New York: The VIking Press, MCMXL. First Edition. 
Octavo, blue cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, xvii + 233 pp. Very Good, with light foxing and creasing to several pages; in a Very Good dust jacket with very light soiling and rubbed edges. From dust jacket: One hundred years ago today, there appeared in France the third volume of a work entitled Democracy in America, the first really scientific study -- it still ranks as one of the very great ones -- of the American experiement, which was then regarded with suspicion by French and English thinkers. The thrity-five-year-old author, Count Alexis de Tocqueville, was an aristocrat, but he recognized the groping democracy of his time as the inevitable political and social norm of the future. More than that, he was able to foretell the mass age of today and some of its totalitarian consequences. His book was the fruit of a visit to America; he was for seven years afterwards a deputy in King Louis Philippe's legislature; and he served brilliantly as Foreign Minister in the Cabinet of the Prince President Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. As a political scientist, Tocqueville is ranked by scholars after Aristotle and Machiavelli. His chief interest for us today is that in his analysis of his own age of transition from aristocracy to democracy he was able to foresee an anti-democratic type of society which we are now encountering with dismay. Moreover, he laid down principles for forestalling it. 
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14 Michener, James A. Report of the Country Chairman. [Signed].
New York: Random House, (1961). First Edition, First Printing, Stated. 
Signed & inscribed by James A. Michener, along with Jack Ford & Jack Wards (in the margins below Michener's initial reference to each), Sam Thompson (rear endpaper), to Mary Griswold, active in the Pennsylvania Bucks County campaign efforts. Octavo, blue cloth (hardcover), black spine label, gilt letters, 310 pp. Very Good+, with light soiling to covers & page edges, in a Good+, mylar protected dust jacket with a small, closed tear to lower cover, light foxing (age darekend spotting), & edgewear. From jacket: How Mr. Michener became his county's Chairman of the Citizens for Kennedy Committee, learned party politics and ways to use them, faced up to and fought religious and racial bigotry, and campaigned and barnstormed through eight states until Election Eve, is only part of Report of the County Chairman. In a larger sense, this highly readable “story” about our incredible country, and our stranger-than-fiction countrymen caught up in a fascinating and unpredictable political campaign, is one man's tribute to the democratic process and to the people who make it work. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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15 Moley, Raymond. How to Keep Our Liberty: A Program for Political Action.
New York: Knopf, 1952. 
First Edition. Inscribed and signed by the author. Octavo, cloth, xxvii, 339 pp. Fine in dust jacket. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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16 Monmonier, Mark. Bushmanders & Bullwinkes: How Politicians Manipulate Electronic Maps and Census Data to Win Elections.
Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, [2001]. 
Octavo, russet cloth & gold boards (hardcover), xii, 208 pp. Fine, in Fine dustjacket. “Written from the perspective of a cartographer rather than a political scientist, Busmanders and Bullwinkles examines the political tales maps tell when votes and power are at stake. Momonier shows how redistricting committees carve out favorable election districts for themselves and their allies; how disgruntled politicians use shape to challenge alleged racial gerrymanders; and how geographic information systems can make reapportionment a controversial process with outrageous products. He also explores the debates over the proper roles of natural boundaries, media maps, census enumeration, and ethnic identity. Monmoier also questions recent successful challenges to contorted election districts...Bushman ders and Bullwinkles is essential background for understanding what might prove the most contentious judicial and political debates of the new decade.” 
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17 Patterson, Thomas E. and Robert D. McClure. The Unseeing Eye: The Myth of Television Power in National Elections.
New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, [1976]. 
Octavo, orange cloth (hardcover), 218 pp. Near-Fine, in a Fine dust jacket. Patterson and McClure conducted nearly 2,000 hour-long interviews before, during and after the 1972 presidential campaign to determine how voters' opinions changed. They analyzed the content and style of every political news report telecast by ABC, CBS, and NBC and every televised political commercial. 
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18 Peterson, Peter G. Facing Up: How to Rescue the Economy from Crushing Debt & Restore the American Dream. Foreword by Senators Warren B. Rudman & Paul E. Tsongas.
New York: SImon & Schuster, 1993. First Edition. 
Signed and inscribed by the author. Octavo, blue & white boards (hardcover), gilt letters, 411 pp. Fine in a Fine dust jacket. From dust jacket: Facing Up is like a powerful dose of truth serum injected into the body politic of America's debate over budgets and deficits, investment and productivity -- and, ultimately, the future of the American Dream. In these pages, Peter G. Peterson, former United States Secretary of Commerce and one of Wall Street's preeminent investment bankers, dares to speak the “unspeakable” truths that most of Washington's establishment, Democrats and Republicans alike, find too politically dangerous to acknowledge to the public. 
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19 Program of American Youth for Democracy. Dust Off Your Dreams: The Story of American Youth for Democracy.
New York: American Youth for Democracy, December 1945. 
Duodecimo, paperbound (stapled b&w illus. wrappers), 23 pp. Fine. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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20 Richmond, Al. Campus Rebels: A Study of the Revived Moral Concern with Political and Social Issues Among American Students and Their Commitment to Action.
San Francisco, CA: Pacific Publishing Foundation, n.d. [ca. 1960]. 
Octavo, paperbound (stapled wrappers), 31 pp. Illustrated with b&w photos. Near-Fine. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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