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1 Chance, Michael R. A. and Jolly, Clifford J. Social Groups of Monkeys, Apes and Men.
New York: E. P. Dutton, 1970. 
First Edition. Octavo, cloth (hardcover), 224 pp. Photos, illus. Near-Fine in a slightly chipped dust jacket. 
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2 Cisneros, Henry G.; Editor. Interwoven Destinies: Cities and the Nation. [The American Assembly, Columbia University].
New York: W. W. Norton & Company. First Edition, First Printing. Review Copy, with Publisher's Letter and Photograph laid-in. 
Octavo, red cloth & black boards (hardcover), 367 pp. Fine (As New) in a Fine (As New) dust jacket. From jacket: In this timely book, Henry G. Cisneros, brings together leading urban experts to find solutions to the plight of America's cities -- and suburbs, since today most Americans live and work in larger metropolitan areas. We cannot ignore our cities, the contributors argue, because the future of our civilization and the fate of our cities are inextricably linked. Not only the welfare of city residents but also American economic growth and global competitiveness depend on the vitality of our urban complexes...In original essays, the contributors assess the challenges of cities' shrinking emplyment base, rising minority populations, and decreasing share of federal and state aid. They then suggest practical ideas to reinvet urban government, rebuild infrastructure and housing, revitalize communities, reivest in amenities, and reorganize urban justice, education and health care systems... 
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3 Fishwick, Marshall W.; Editor. American Studies in Transition.
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, [1964]. 
First Edition. Inscribed and Signed by the Author. Octavo, cloth (hardcover), 329 pp. Fine in dust jacket. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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4 Kelley, Robin D. G. Yo' Mama's DisFUNKtional! Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America.
Boston: Beacon Press, (1997). First edition. 
Octavo, cloth & boards, 225 pp. Fine in dust jacket. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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5 Lantz, Herman R.; with J. S. McCrary. People of Coal Town.
New York; Columbia University Press, 1958. First Edition. 
Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), black label, gilt letters, ix, 310 pp. Very Good+, with former owner information, in an edgeworn dust jacket. The story of how people live and think in a mining town of America...Dr. Lantz and his assistants spent over two years interviewing the people of Coal Town, examing town records, observing the way of life, with the object of finding how the life of a community afects the values and motivations of its inhabitants; to show the effects on human personality of growing up in a one-industry, frontier-type community, to point out how the small community becomes symbolic of the broader values that characterize American society. 
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6 Mehrotra, R. R. Sociology of Secret Languages.
Simla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, (1977) . First Edition. 
Octavo, red cloth (hardcover), vii + 102 pp. Fine (As New) in a torn dust jacket. From dust jacket: Sociology of Secret Languages is a challenging work on a subject which is at once original and exciting. It seeks to provide, in a multi-dimensional and multi-level frame, an authentic account of the special and secret languages of some small, cohesive, and closed groups in relations to their socio-cultural matrix. The four studies included in this monograph delineate how the language disguise helps the speakers not only to carry on their profession, legitimate or illegitimate, but also to maintain and reinforce their group exclusiveness and we-feeling. In the words of Professor Samarin of the University of Toronto, this book is “a valuable contribution to Indian studies as well as to the study of argots.” 
Price: 10.00 USD
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7 O'Flaherty, Wendy Doniger. Other Peoples' Myths: The Cave of Echoes.
New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, (1988). 
Octavo, slick burgundy cloth (hardcover), gilt letters, x + 225 pp. Near-Fine, with neat former-owner signature; in a Fine dust jacket. From dust jacket: What can myths teach us? What truths can they bring to a world that flees the magical stories and tales of traditions? Other Peoples' Myths is a wonderfully entertaining celebration of the universal art of storytelling, and of the rich diversity of stories that people live by. Drawing on Biblical parables, Greek myths, Hindu epics, and the modern mythologies of Woody Allen and soap operas, Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty encourages us to feel anew the force of myth and tradition in our lives, and in the lives of other cultures. She shows that the stories of mythology -- whether of Greek gods, Chinese sages, or Polish rabbis -- enable all cultures to define themselves. She raises critical questions about the way we interpret mythical stories, espcially the ways different cultures make use of (or claim no longer to heed) their central texts, stories, and traditions. And she offers a sophisticated way of looking at the roles myths play in all cultures. Are myths lies? Can stories about Hindu yogis, talking horses, or Catholic witches affect the day-to-day life of the modern world? According to O'Flaherty, a myth resembles Picasso's definition of art: a lie that tells the truth. Myths are, in the most profound sense, true stories that represent the deepest values of a culture and shape the way people inest their world with meaning, purpose, and order. Myths are everywhere -- even and especially, in our own lives. We have to know how to look, what to look for, and what to make of what we find... 
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8 Paige, Jeffery M. Agrarian Revolution: Social Movements and Export Agriculture in the Underdeveloped World.
New York: The Free Press, (1975). First Edition. 
Octavo, green cloth (hardcover), xiv + 435 pp. Very Good, with neat former-owner signature; in a Very Good dust jacket with lightly rubbed edges. From dust jacket: When is rural class conflict settled by reform? When does it end in revolution? What accounts for the differences between the political movements of agrarian workers, such as the peasants of Peru, the contract laborers of Angola, and the tenant farmers of Vietnam? Why do communist movements take hold in some underdeveloped countries and not others? This book answers these questions. Concerned with the land -- its tillers, its owners, and the struggle between them over the wealth the land produces -- it presents a systematic and sharply defined theory of rural class conflict which sheds new light on a significant part of recent history. Agrarian Revolution explains how the organization of export agriculture in underdeveloped nations determines the nature of rural social movements: why sugar plantations produce different conflicts than coffee haciendas, why rice sharecroppers are unlikely to form the same political organizations as cotton sharecroppers, why certain land-owners react with reforms and others are forced to repression. The theory of rural class conflict is based on a comparative world analysis of 135 agricultural export sectors in 70 states and colonies in the underdeveloped world; and detailed case studies of export economy reform, revolt, and revolution in Peru, Angola, and Vietnam. An important contricution to politcal sociology, Agrarian Revolution is the most definitive work on rural social change to date. It is profusely illustrated with maps, charts, tables, appendices, and an extensive bibliography. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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