Through the Land of Living Gods: My Pilgrimage at the Wish of the Master.

By: Cross, Gladys.

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Octavo, gold cloth (hardcover), 172 pp. From Foreword: Lines drawn from Yea Keang to the Yu Men and from Draus to Sining-Fu, have for years marked the North and South boundaries of my adopted country into which, in every way, I have penetrated deeper than any other white. In this land of mystery or, for the moment, occultism, and beyond; I have tried to alleviate the distress brought to huge members of my sex by a fearful disease. That the lamas of the districts on and off the routes about my places are rich, is proof of the widely known efficacy of treatments which are unfortunately limited by the extenet of my own resources. For money, the lamas propitiate and exorcise the disease, demons, and I get the experience when actually killing them, free of charge! There is room for real missionaries providing the be non sectarian at the outset, for, while every country is ready for the true religion, the people of mine want medicine first. From California to the farthest flung work place towardes Karakorum, is a long, long way. It is close telepathically, though, and that will hearten me on my way ÒhomeÓ at the end of the, as prophesied by The Master, disastrous Iron Horse Year. (1930). I look for better things in the Iron Sheep Year which will be ushered in with the February moon of 1931 as I arrive, over the deep snows, at the scene of my work. The Master declared that the Iron Sheep Year would be full of terrors and threats for the Western World, worse indeed than the Iron Horse Year -- so aptly calendered a thousand years ago -- now drawing to a close. I trust that it shall not be so bad for you. If Through th eLand of Living Gods gives my readers one half the pleasure, which was mine when doing the unique voyaging necessary for its compilation, I shall be content.

Title: Through the Land of Living Gods: My Pilgrimage at the Wish of the Master.

Author Name: Cross, Gladys.

Location Published: Published by the author, 1930.

Categories: Asian History

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