Will Eisner, A Spirited Life. With an Introduction by Michael Chabon.

By: Andelman, Bob.

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Octavo, softbound (slick, red photo. illus. wrappers), 375 pp. Very Good, with lightly rubbed edges. From lower cover: Internationally recognized for his genre-busting 1940s art and storytelling style on The Psirit, Will Eisner's greatest legacy may be the graphic novels he championed and created. He was an American master whose work in comics permanently altered the face of global pop culture. A Spirited Life explores Eisener's amazing life, detailing a career that spanned seventy years and saw him educate several generations of Army soldiers in the innovative PS Magazine and create the first widely known graphic novel, A Contract with God. Eisner also introduced some of the world's greatest comics art talent: Bob Kane (Batman), Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four), Jules Feiffer, DAve Berg (Mad), and Joe Kubert (Tarzan). And he inspired generations of modern artists and writers, including Frank Miller (Sin City), Robert Crumb, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods), Brad Bird (The Incredibles), PAtrick McDonnell (Mutts), and Art Spiegelman (Maus). A Spirited Life also includes interviews with many of Eisner's contemporaries, such as Alan Moore, Davie Gibbons, Neil Gaiman, Denis Kitchen, Jim Warren, Dave Sim, Denny O'Neil, and Stan Lee. Author Bob Andelman spent almost three years interviewing Eisner, researching his life and work, and interviewing his friends, family, and the creative talents he inspired throughout the twentieth century. He recounts Eisner's personal and professional life in dramatic detail.

Title: Will Eisner, A Spirited Life. With an Introduction by Michael Chabon.

Author Name: Andelman, Bob.

Location Published: Milwaukie, OR: M Press, (2005). First Edition.

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