The Appian Way, A Journey.

By: Hamblin, Dora Jane and Mary Jane Grunsfeld.

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Octavo, gray cloth & cream boards (hardcover), ix, 308 pp. Fine in Fine, mylar protected dust jacket. From dust jacket: Begun in 312 B.C., it ruled continuously for almost a thousand years. It domain grew from central Rome, southward; across the Alban Hills, through central Italy, and ended at the Adriatic Sea. Its followers were many: St. Paul walked on it, and Caesar's legions; the poet Horace, the historian Livy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Hannibal, Garibaldi, Mark Twain, the Brownings, Byron, and all the millions of nameless tourists who have visited Italy over the years. The Appian Way, A Journey, is the fist full story of this romantic, histirc, well-traveled road. Aided by maps, photographs and prints, Dora Jane Hamblin and Mary Jane Gunsfeld conduct an engrossing eye-and-mind-filled journey along this Òqueen of long-distanceÓ roads. Beginning inside Rome, at the Porta Capena in the old Servian Wall (Rome's inner defense system), they proceed past the Baths of Caracalla (with its facilities for 1,600 bathers), beneath triumpha arches and into the catacombs, and on through the historically rich countryside, describing the legends, the historical events, the miracle of construction, themaps and milestones, the inns and changing-places, the life story of its cantankerous founder, and, of course, the people, great and small, who used the Via Appia and the events which befell them...

Title: The Appian Way, A Journey.

Author Name: Hamblin, Dora Jane and Mary Jane Grunsfeld.

Location Published: New York: Random House, (1974). First Edition.

Categories: Ancient Civilization

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