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Advances in Military Medicine Made by American Investigators Working under the Sponsorship of the Committee on Medical Research. Volume I (of 2) only. [Science in World War II series].

By: Andrus, E. Cowles, et al., eds.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Boston: Atlantic Monthly/Little, Brown & Co., 1948. First Edition.

Seller ID: 4232bd

Insitutes of Surgery: Arranged in the Order of the Lectures Delivered in the University of Edinburgh.

By: Bell, Sir Charles.

Price: $125.00

Publisher: Philadelphia: A. Waldie, 1840. First American Edition.

Seller ID: 3498bd

Recherches Physiologiques sur la Vie et la Mort... Troisieme Edition.

By: Bichat, Marie Francois Xavier.

Price: $450.00

Publisher: Paris: Chez Brosson et Gabon, Ann. XIII-1805.

Seller ID: 4259bd

Recherches Physiologiques sur La Vie et La Mort [with:] De la Division la Plus Naturelle des Phenomenes Physiologiques, par F.-R. Buisson [with:] Experiences sur le Principe de la Vie... par C. Legallois.

By: Bichat, X. [Marie Francois Xavier].

Price: $150.00

Publisher: Paris: Adolphe Delahays, 1855.

Seller ID: 4213bd

Historische Studien uber die Beurtheilung und Behandlung der Schusswunden vom funfzehnten Jahrhundert bis auf die neueste Zeit.

By: Billroth, Dr. Theodor.

Price: $750.00

Publisher: Berlin: Georg Reimer, 1859. First Edition.

Seller ID: 5765fd

Chirurgishe Briefe aus des Kriegs-Lazarethen in Weissenburg und Mannheim 1870. Ein Beitrag zu den Wichtigsten Abschnitten der Kriegschirurgie, mit Besonderer Rucksicht auf Statistik.

By: Billroth, Dr. [Christian Albert] Theodor.

Price: $1,500.00

Publisher: Berlin: August Hirschwald, 1872. First Edition.

Seller ID: 3421bd

The Hunterian Oration on British Military Surgery in the Time of Hunter and in the Great War.

By: Bowlby, Sir Anthony.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: London: Adlard & Son & West Newman, 1919. First Edition, Presentation copy, with a slip, With the Author's Compliments, tipped-in.

Seller ID: 4155bda

Das Buch der Cirurgia des Hieronymus Brunschwig. Begleit-Text von Gustav Klein.

By: Brunschwig, Hieronymus.

Price: $150.00

Publisher: Munchen: Carl Kuhn, 1911. Facsimile of the 1497 Strassburg edition, with commentary by Gustav Klein.

Seller ID: 3409bd

Journal de Chirurgie: Revue Critique.

By: Cuneo, B., et al., eds.

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Paris: Masson et Cie., (1928). volume XXXII, Part 2.

Seller ID: 3412bd

A Bibliography, 1545-1940, of the Works of Ambroise Par?, 1510-1590, Premier Chirurgien & Conseiller du Roi. Descriptive and Annotated Bibliography of the Original Books, Collected Works, Extracts and Translations, with an Introduction, Appendixes and an Index.

By: Doe, Janet.

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Amsterdam: Gerard Th. Van Heusden, (1976). First Edition.

Seller ID: 5770fd

Die Drankheiten im Feldzuge, gegen Russland (1812). Eine Geschichtlich-Medizinische Studie.

By: Ebstein, Dr. Wilhelm.

Price: $125.00

Publisher: Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke, 1902. First Edition.

Seller ID: 3502bd

Principes de Chirurgie. Septieme Edition.

By: Faye, George de la.

Price: $150.00

Publisher: Avignon: Jean-Albert Joly, 1792.

Seller ID: 4234bd

Commentaries on the Surgery of the War in Portugal, Spain, France and the Netherlands, From the Battle of Rolica, in 1808 to That of Waterloo, in 1815, Showing the Improvements Made during and since that Period in the Great Art and Science of Surgery on All the Subjects to Which They Relate. Revised to October 1855.

By: Guthrie, G. J.

Price: $200.00

Publisher: London: Henry Renshaw, 1855. Sixth edition.

Seller ID: 3510bd

A German Doctor at the Front (Die Front Der Arzte). Translated from the Original German by Colonel Gustavus M. Blech and Brigadier General Jefferson R. Kean.

By: His, Dr. Wilhelm.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Washington: National Service Publishing Co., (1933). First American Edition.

Seller ID: 4264bd

Surgeon James's Journal 1815. Edited by Jane Vansittart.

By: James, Dr. Haddy.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: London: Cassell, (1964). First Edition.

Seller ID: 4160bda

Kriegschiurgische Erfahrungen aus dem Sudafrikanischen Kreige 1899-1900.

By: Kuttner, Dr. Hermann.

Price: $75.00

Publisher: Tubingen: H. Laupp, 1900. First Edition.

Seller ID: 3512bd

Gunshot Injuries: How They Are Inflicted, Their Complications and Treatment.

By: La Garde, Colonel Louis A.

Price: $90.00

Publisher: New York: William Wood, 1916.

Seller ID: 4247bd

Gunshot Injuries: How They Are Inflicted, Their Complications and Treatment.

By: La Garde, Colonel Louis A.

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Mt. Ida, Arkansas: Lancer Militaria, (1991).

Seller ID: 4248bd

Memoire sur les Plaies Penetrantes de l'Abdomen: Compliquees d'Issue de l'Epiploon.

By: Larrey, [Felix] Hipp[olyte].

Price: $175.00

Publisher: Paris: J.-B. Bailliere, 1845. First Edition.

Seller ID: 3514bd

La Guerre en Bulgarie et en Turquie: Onze Mois de Campagne. I. Notes et Impressions. II. Les Blesses.

By: Laurent, Professeur Octave.

Price: $400.00

Publisher: Paris: A. Maloine, 1914. First Edition.

Seller ID: 4250bd